Quiet place in our city 鬧市中的綠洲


  • God enlighten our spirit, FAITH enriches our Life. 
  • 信仰生活化、生活化信仰
  • 我們希望在繁忙的鬧市中,有一個心靈的綠洲讓人休憩 
  • 健康的生活需要身、心、靈的平安
  • 健康的生命需要有愛和上主的祝福
  • 願主祝福你!主佑

Foods and Drinks

May God Bless You.

May love and peace
be with you.

Joy, smiles, harmony in your soul.

Real happiness is to love and be loved.

Feel the care and support
of a loved one.

Tender feelings for
each other.

Let your house keep friendship.

More warm feelings, and sincere emotions remain in your family.

May God Always Protect You.

May God grant you perfect family happiness.

May tenderness and love always overwhelm your hearts.

May the Good come into
your life.

May God make your family healthy and friendly.

May you always be under the wing of a good angel.

May there be peace over the heads of loved ones.

May sincere laughter always flows in your house.

Let love live in hearts.

May the loyalty of your soul bring comfort and peace to you and your loved ones.

Let the family be healthy and live in understanding.

Love and understanding always triumph in your family.

Love keep your family in any situation.

Happiness always knocks
on the house.

I wish that the fire of love and passion always burned in the hearth of your home.

Always remember to thank God for the right things.

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